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When you advertise with Christian Media Promo, you will get the following benefits:

1. If you pay for 1 month, we will give you 1 month FREE.
2. If you pay for 3 months, we will give you 2 months FREE.
3. If you pay for 6 months, we will give you 3 months FREE.

Christian Media Promo's advertising network reaches the Christian market in a way that no other online advertising company does. Our range of websites reach a targeted, active group of online Christian users. Christian Media Promo can bring your message to a whole new market that may not know about your ministry, product, or business. In online marketing, the name of the game is to keep your products in front of people. By advertising on the Christian Media Promo ad network, you will raise your online visibility where millions of people are searching for information.

Today, successful businesses have strong online visibility, so that they can keep growing their customer base. Christian Media Promo gives you the ability to reach out to the Christian, urban, and African-American markets by placing your ad on over 70 online news, magazine, newswire, bookstore, and business sites. Whether you are a small business, author, or ministry, our advertising services will give your ministry, business, book, or product line high, solid, consistent online visibility.

Below are some of the websites that we work with:

New America Today
Church Leader Gazette
Urban Christian News

Torch Leader
Black Church Post

Vision Christian Newswire

Urban Christian Newswire

Black Christian Newswire

Increase your online visibility
by having your banner ad
revolving on over 70 websites!

Get your ad placed on
  • News sites
  • Magazine sites
  • Newswire sites
  • Online bookstores
  • Christian business sites

Your ad will be featured on sites that rank high on
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